Building Virtues

Our aim at LOVO is to be the one-stop shop for all women to turn to when needed. All women are resourceful with an incredible set of skills, knowledge and capabilities that we at LOVO refers to as virtues.

Part of the focus of our work is to help build these virtues and work alongside our members to recognise their existing abilities and skills.

Our Membership Programme focuses on our 5 virtue pillars:

  • Community

  • Growth

  • Love

  • Self-Care

  • Wisdom

These pillars underpin a myriad of other virtues that we work to provide advice, information and guidance about. For example our Growth Pillar offers a Building Resilience course. Likewise all of the virtue pillars offer webinars, workshops, toolkits and courses on similarly important virtues that range from physical skills such as jewellery making to creative writing to emotional intelligence skills such as boundary management.

LOVO is not a healthcare provider and none of our programmes, courses or coaching sessions should be sought in lieu of healthcare professional advice and care.