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LOVO is a Women's organisation whose aim is to be there for women in need, supporting their health and wellbeing and helping recognise their strengths and abilities

What do we do?

LOVO is a Community Interest Company with a focus on supporting women at all stages of their life and journey. For us that means offering a safe community both online and physically that engages, equips and empowers women.

We offer a range of programmes, events and activities that encourage and improve the wellbeing of women who as keystones bolster the wider community around them.

 Ladies of Virtue Outreach is a growing community based organisation working with local women and girls, mostly from the BAME communities.

Currently based and operating in, but not limited to, Southwark, London, where we have been working for over ten years. We provide access to care, support and services that will improve life quality, health and well being.

We are local women from all over the world working with local women from all over the world, exchanging learning, knowledge and experience as we go, with particular focus on supporting women with mental health challenges, who are marginalised, wanting to build their skillset, or feel vulnerable or isolated. We collaborate with a number of statutory and community partners to strengthen our offer.

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC), and have a focus on innovation and enterprise alongside our wellbeing initiatives to support and sustain our work, as we offer free and affordable services to those who would benefit.  


Our vision is to be the number one trusted link for solutions to challenges affecting local women and their families and communities, with a mission to encourage, enlighten and equip them for a better tomorrow.



Our Daycentre hosts speakers of interest.



A great place to meet other women in the community


Learn Together

Meet like-minded people

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Practical Skills training

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Weekly lunch at the Daycentre



Have your progress recognised