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We are closed for face-to-face activities during Covid-19, however we are running services and our 'Virtual Women's Day Centre' - see more about our activities on our blog!



 Ladies of Virtue Outreach is a growing community based organisation working with local women and girls  mostly from the BAME communities. We are currently based and operating in, but not limited to, Southwark, London, where we have been working for over ten years. . We provide access to care, support and services that will improve life quality, health and well being.


 We are local women from all over the world working with local women from all over the world, exchanging learning, knowledge and experience as we go, with particular focus on supporting women with mental health challenges, who are marginalised, wanting to build their skillset, or feel vulnerable or isolated. We collaborate with a number of statutory and community partners to strengthen our offer.

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC), and have a focus on innovation and enterprise alongside our wellbeing initiatives to support and sustain our work, as we offer free and affordable services to those who would benefit.  


Our vision is to be the number one trusted link for solutions to challenges affecting local women and their families and communities, with a mission to encourage, enlighten and equip them for a better tomorrow.


What we offer...


Growing strong women

We offer a specialised Personal Development Training course for local women. Twice a year we run this structured course, led by in-house team members. The training focuses on discovering and developing purpose and potential, improving self-awareness, as well as building stronger families to facilitate wellbeing, employability and happier lives. The majority of our training and services are geared towards women only, but some are extended to family members of the local women we work with. We are also able to deliver this training externally for other groups and organisations. Please get in touch to find out more.

Outside of the structured courses, which are not suited to everyone, personal development and life skills training are embedded within our Women's Day Centre in the form of practical and skills orientated activities as well as emotional and mental wellbeing support.


For mind, body and soul

We offer a range of health and wellbeing services and activities which cater holistically to the well being of our participants, staff and volunteers. These activities focus on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Some of our activities include

  • Zumba

  • Healthy cooking and eating

  • Creative activities

  • Massage therapy

  • Gratitude and connection workshops

  • Inspiration and sharing hour


The activities we offer are guided by the needs of participants and what we are able to provide, and thus change each term, please get in touch if you are interested in a specific activity for more information, or if you would like to provide or share a wellbeing activity as part of our service.


Creative and practical development

We offer a range of creative and practical skills-based activities. These are guided by the ideas, interests and talents of our community and have included

  • Jewellery making

  • Assertiveness training

  • Baking

  • Introduction to working with children

  • Developing skills for employment



We would love to hear from you...


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